The Chinese Fire Drill

Monday, February 20, 2012

McCarthy's Law #116


Tay said...

Even the the children are blaming teachers now. My 16 year old niece was failing school. She blamed the teachers and the system. I could see that maybe this public school wasn't a good for her. She moved in with her dad and went to a new school. Then her mom moved to a new town. The 16 year old stated the school in her dad's town was not productive either. This continues and now she has opted to move with her mom again so that she can go to a fourth school. She did much better at her dad's, but he made her study. While I love her mother, she is doomed to fail because her mother does not pay enough attention to the 16 year old's schooling. But, let's just blame you and the others in your profession. How dare you only teach at school and not parent these children as well.

Donovan Wheeler said...

Exactly. My favorite is when students do not complete work (after second and third chances to take care of it), and parents ask me to fix it.