The Chinese Fire Drill

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cartoon Disclaimer

The characters in my cartoon THE CHINESE FIRE DRILL, are not meant to represent anyone from real life (living or dead).  This means they most certainly DO NOT resemble anyone from my current home town.  Any resemblance or apparent connection is strictly an unintended coincidence.  Any effort to insist that I am wrong about my own comic strip, and my own characters, can only be construed as a desperate attempt to squeeze drama out of a turnip.

I am merely poking some harmless fun at the behavioral patterns that are taking place in public education on a state and national level.  It's theraputic, and I'm enjoying it.  You should, too.

McCarthy's Law #7

When I first started the strip, I was posting these sloppy black-and-white jobs like the one at the bottom here (from July).
Here's the same one, after I cleaned it up (as best as I could) and re-constructed the dialogue balloons:

(c) 2011 Donovan Wheeler

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

McCarthy's Law #6

I drew the original in July, when I got this thing started off.  The orginal's rawness speaks for itself.  I wanted to touch it up and colorize it like I did a few of the other early comics, but it was too rough.  So I re-drew it because this theme keeps crossing my mind so many times at work.

(c) 2011 Donovan Wheeler