The Chinese Fire Drill

Sunday, October 23, 2011

McCarthy's Law #72

I've heard from more than one person that The Chinese Fire Drill was getting a little too dark and angry.  I pitched my most recent idea to my girlfriend, Wendi Evans (a 4th grade special-education teacher), and she helped me redesign #72 into something I'm much happier with (and even more proud of as well).

Also, while I'm offering props, I want thank my mother, Mary Wheeler (a 7-year school board member who led with progressive, pro-teacher mindset) for suggesting the creation of Dashing Dan Wunderkind.

I hope you all enjoy!
Wheels (as all my students call me)-


Atticus Grinch said...

Don't change a thing. Dark comics reflect dark days.

Donovan Wheeler said...

Don't worry. I agree; these are dark times, and I'll keep that aspect going.