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Friday, September 30, 2011

Blogger Blurs the Strip Format

Here's one of my favorite strips (#16 from sometime in July).  I have been posting them as four individual panels requiring viewers to click in and out of each one to read the whole strip.  After a recommendation from a follower, I spent a few days converting all 58 strips thus far into single photos like this.

Alas, Blogger seems to want to weaken the resolution.  When I read them in paint or on my Windows picture viewer, they are clear and sharp.  When I load them on Blogger, this is what they look like.

Any suggestions?  Thanks.


Tay said...

Right now you have them linear. In order to stay on one screen, they have to be smaller, allowing blogger and other sites to diminish the quality. Look at how much space you are wasting. Instead of one line, do a box. Panel 1 above panel 3 and to the left of panel 2 and panel 4 below 2 and to the right of 3. Like what you would see in the Sunday Papers.

Donovan Wheeler said...

I see your point, here, and I agree with you. I like the idea of the four-quarters/single-panel approach, too. I have one of those in the blog (#99), but it reduces it on my computer to something unreadable because it compresses it into the window of the screen and won't let me zoom and move around.
A former student of mine runs a company in California designing apps, and he's offered to help me possibly move the blog to new platform that will better support images.
I'm taking that change slowly at the moment, however.